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Read about various excursion points around Palakkad city.

Palakkad Excursions

Palakkad is a tranquil and unexplored city, snuggled in the panoramic vistas of high mountains and breathtaking greenery. One is bound to become a part of the idyllic life and culture of the natives here, as the simple living standards and uncomplicated lifestyle of the natives attract all. There are a few of most popular excursion sites in Palakkad where adventure tourism is available. Dhoni is a nice location for trekking and hiking, Nelliyampathy makes a famous point for mountaineering and paragliding, Silent Valley National Park and Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary provides a number of opportunities for jungle safari and wildlife photography. Explore the different attractions around Palakkad that make it a pleasant and charming place to visit.

Attapaddy is situated on the northeastern side of Palakkad district, spread over an area of 827 sq. km. With the largest tribal settlement, Palakkad comprises of mostly hilly highland terrain, fed by the tributaries of River Cauvery. The hill station is one of the most uncorrupted places in India with its riveting landscapes and gurgling rivers. The Malleshwaram Peak is worshipped by people for the gigantic Shivalinga by the tribes. They celebrate the festival of Shivratri with great gusto, by lighting the top of this peak.

Dhoni is a 3-hour climb from the base of Dhoni Hills to this reserve forest area, titivated with its small, sparkling waterfall. Apart from its natural wealth, Dhoni is also famous for its farmhouse which harbors hundreds of cattle of Swiss breeds. It is situated between lush green meadows and is a pleasure to watch. Furthermore, Dhoni is highly popular for adventure activities, like trekking and hiking; it's a haven for people who love adventurous sports.

Mangalam Dam
Mangalam Dam is built upon River Cherukunnapuzha, a tributary of the main river, Mangalam. The dam, because of the reserves, is vested by the nature with abundant natural beauty and idyllic landscapes. The surroundings of the dam are thickly covered with dense forests which provide a natural habitat for a number of rare and common wild animals and birds. Apart from the natural scenic beauty, the place is known for its manmade beauty; the entire locale is fascinated by a number of beautiful parks, lawns, and statues constructed here.

Nelliyampathy mountain range consists of a chain of ridges cut off from one another by valleys. The forest contains teak trees of extraordinary height and girth. Beautiful plantations of tea, coffee, orange, and cardamom are adorned by these ranges as a lush green natural blanket. This hill station is also famous among trekkers as Kaketty serves a perfect base camp for trekking, mountaineering, and other similar activities. Opportunities for hand gliding are also available.

Silent Valley National Park
Silent Valley National Park, located 40 km from Mannarkkad in the Palakkad district, is filled with sounds of teeming wildlife. An important national park of India, this sanctuary acts as a diverse ecosystem and harbors a number of both flora and fauna species. This rainforest is probably one of the oldest rainforests in India dating back to 50 million years; thus, the marvel and exuberance of the variety of wildlife leaves one in admiration.

About 75 km from Palakkad along the banks of Bharathapuzha River, lay Thrithala, famous for its Shiva Temple. Kattilmadom Temple on the Pattambi-Guruvayoor Road has archaeological importance. It has a small granite structure, a testimony of Buddhist influence, built possibly during the 9th or 10th century. Thirthala is famous for its cultural heritage and hence, places like the Mud Fort, with a deep wide moat, and the famous temple dedicated to Lord Siva are a must visit.

Kanjirapuzha, about 24 km from Palakkad, is a catchment lake of the dam and lies in a single stretch. An evergreen forest, 'Vettilachola' provides a breathtaking backdrop to a lake surrounded by hillocks. You will find three islands in the reservoir which were formed due to the submerging of the surrounding area. The reservoir has abundance of marine life. During the rains, the mist-draped mountains create a picturesque landscape.

Kottayi is a small pastoral parish, the native place of late Chembai Vaidyanatha Bhagavathar, the doyen of Carnatic music. This town has given India a number of veteran musicians, including KJ Yesudas, a great singer and disciple of Chembai. This place is a heaven for music lovers as a number of reputed musicians participate and perform live during the annual Chembai Parthasarathy Ekadasi Music Festival, which takes place in the month of February and March.

Bhagavathy Temple at Malayalappuzha is believed to have miraculous ways of fulfilling the needs of whoever comes here and makes a wish. People bring offerings in different forms during the festival. The temple stores in itself beautiful mural paintings and artistic stone works which are of great archaeological importance.

Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary
Tucked away in the valley between the Annamalai ranges of Tamil Nadu and the Nelliampathy ranges of Kerala, Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary is located on the majestic Western Ghats. Considered to be the pride of Palakkad, this sanctuary is a tribute to nature. One can easily see crocodiles sunning on the banks of the reservoir harbor, which are just a hint of the diverse wildlife found at this sanctuary. This place is also a habitat for indigenous tribes which have become an integral part of this ecosystem.

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