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Read about tourist attraction in Palakkad district of Kerala.

Palakkad Attractions

Nestled in the eastern border of Kerala and Tamil Nadu, at the foothills of the gigantic Western Ghats, lies Palakkad - a place oozing out bravura natural beauty and extremely beautiful lush greens. Palakkad is blessed with a number of memorable and striking places which are of great cultural and historical importance. This city has seen the reign of kings as it had been a major part of a number of empires, including the British Empire. Because of this fact, Palakkad portrays a perfect amalgamation of several native and tribal cultures. Places of interest in Palakkad include Chittur Gurumadam - a memorial to Chittur Gurumadam, a number of colorful temples and mosques rich in cultural heritage, forts and monuments built by Haider Ali. Besides, it is also famous for colorful and vibrant festivals, which Kerala is distinguished for.

Chittur Gurumadam
Located on the banks of River Sokanasini, Chittur Gurumadam is a memorial to Thunchath Ezhuthachan, the author of "Adhyatma Ramayana", who spent his last days here. Some idols worshipped by him, wooden slippers, a stylus, and few old manuscripts are displayed here. Children, who haven't started learning or going to schools, are brought to Chitur Gurumadam on the auspicious day of Vijayadasami, for a ritualistic initiation into learning and to invoke the blessings from the traditional Muses of learning.

Kalpathy Temple
The Vishwanatha Swamy shrine, the oldest Shiva temple is situated 3 km from Palakkad. The annual 'Ratholsavam', or Chariot Festival, at Sree Viswanantha Swamy Temple is a gala even that is observed across seven days. During this festival, the streets are jam-packed with followers and worshippers who wish to earn the honor of pulling the chariot. The festival is a grand and colorful event, buzzing with heavy tourist traffic during the seven festive days.

Palakkad Fort
One of the best-preserved forts in Kerala, Palakkad Fort was built by Haider Ali, but was taken over and renovated by the British in 1790. The walls of the fort relate the story of British invasion during the reign of Tipu Sultan, Haider Ali's successor. The fort is an architectural marvel since it is built in European architectural style with large fortress and gothic minarets. Recently, a children's park is built alongside the fort for kids to indulge in fun and excitement.

Pattambi Nercha
Pattambi Mosque, situated 61 km from Palakkad, is a witness to the annual feast that falls in the first week of the month of February. About 70-80 tuskers line up for the festival, which is a true marveling sight to experience. A number of tourists and worshippers from across the globe throng this place. The ambiance that changes entirely from a serene mosque to a gala event is a spectacular phenomenon to capture. At dusk, the whole town is lighted beautifully, followed by the beginning of the festivities with traditional musical emerging from traditional instruments, like 'Panchavadyam' and 'Thayambaka'. Various art forms are displayed by professional traditional performers on the banks of River Bharathappuzha.

Malampuzha is a picnic spot nurtured by the longest river in Kerala, situated at the lower hills of the Western Ghats. Malampuzha Garden is among the few most sought-after picnic spots in Kerala, which comprise of a dam and beautifully landscaped gardens. Malampuzha is acclaimed as the best tourist site in Kerala because of the natural beauty of this place, teamed with a plethora of adventure activities to coddle yourself in. The dam forms a scenic backdrop to the already stunning conserved forests.

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