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Beaches of Kerala are one of the most beautiful beaches in India. Read to know more about the exotic beaches of Kerala.

Kerala Beaches

Beach Kovalam in KeralaKerala, God's Own Country, has been entitled with honors like "Ten Paradises of the World" and "50 Places of a Lifetime" by the National Geographic Traveler Magazine. These entitlements seem all the more just and deserving for the land of Kerala and the people residing here. One reason, in particular, that shifts the favor towards this godly state is the composition of beaches with which it's been bejeweled endlessly. Spread along the 550 km long Arabian Sea coastline, the beaches of Kerala, stand among the most exotic and beautiful beaches across the globe. With beautiful patches of clean sand, fringed by swaying palm trees on one side and undulating waves on the other, the beaches of Kerala still have that untouched beauty maintained and is one of the prime reasons for declaring it "God's Own Country". One can have a memorable and exciting beach vacation on the beaches of Kerala, away from the hustle and bustle of the crowded city life.

Relax on the golden sands of the Kerala beaches, stretch out in the shades of the palm trees along the seashore, drink refreshing water of tender coconuts, or enjoy the physical and spiritual gratification from an Ayurvedic massage, the options are endless at these breathtaking beaches. As such, you can indulge in adventurous activities and take care of your health by reinvigorating your body through Ayurvedic treatments - both at the same time. You are sure to feel completely rejuvenated after your tour of these exotic and beautiful beaches. Apart from marveling at the natural beauty that surrounds most of the beaches in Kerala, you can also partake in shallow water swimming and sunbathing. Most beaches are blessed with nearby unexplored territories that trekkers can find pleasure in. And not to forget the tongue-pleasing sea food that is served fresh right from these very beaches. Truly, Kerala is a destination of a lifetime!

Alappuzha Beach
Alappuzha, known as the Venice of East, has always held a unique place in the maritime history of Kerala. At present, Alappuzha is famous for its exciting boat races, pristine beaches, mesmerizing backwater holidays, exotic marine products, and extensive coir industry.

Bekal Fort Beach
Kasargod is famous as the land of gods, soothing rivers, mesmerizing hills, imposing forts, and beautiful beaches. The imposing and magnificent circular fort at Bekal is one of the largest and best-preserved forts in Kerala with the best feature being a seaside walkway with majestic views of the fort in the east and infinite sea in the west, linking the beaches in the north and south of the battlement.

Beypore Beach
Located about 10 km south of Kozhikode town, Beypore Beach is an epitome of peace and tranquility wrapped in the harmony of cool waves and bright sun. Famous as one of the prominent ports and fishing harbors, this beach was once an important trade and maritime center during the days of the early Arab and Chinese travelers and later European companies.

Cherai Beach
The beautiful Cherai Beach, bordering the Vypeen Island, the sea on the western side, and the backwaters on the east, gives this upcoming tourist destination a uniqueness and supreme serenity, found no where in Kerala. The 15 km long unspoiled, shallow, and calm beach is considered to be the best golden beach in Kerala, for which it is popularly known as the 'Princess of the Arabian Sea'.

Chithari Beach
Green, impressive, and pristine, Chithari is still a virgin and an unexplored destination. Chithari Beach is situated at 5 km from Kanhangad in the Kasaragod district of Kerala. The island is accessible only by boat and wooden canoes that belong to the local people. A part of the Bekal Tourism Project, this backwater area possesses all the features to make it a great tourist destination.

Kappad Beach
One of the most charming and fascinating beaches of Kerala, Kappad Beach, locally known as Kappakadavu, is referred top as the gateway to the Malabar Coast in history and geography texts. It was Kappad Beach, 501 years ago, where the Portuguese navigator Vasco Da Gama sailed in and stepped into Kerala to write a new chapter in the maritime history.

Kappil Beach
Kappil Beach is a paradise for those tourists and visitors who are in search of peaceful and tranquil vacations, in the laps of natural beauty. Not just that the beach is laden with clean and unpolluted surroundings, it is studded with beautiful casuarinas and palm fringed shore. The secluded and somewhat unexplored Kappil Beach is an ideal spot for such nature lovers and attracts tourists in large numbers.

Kovalam Beach
Popularly known as the Paradise of South India, Kovalam is renowned for its pristine and marvelous beaches. Just 17 km from the capital city of Thiruvananthapuram, Kovallam has gained name and fame due to its shallow waters and low tidal waves. It is the first tourist destination to be highly promoted and brought into the limelight. The 17 km coastline is divided into three adjacent crescent beaches.

Muzhappilangad Beach
Muzhappilangad Beach, stretching for about 4.5 kilometers, is a drive-in beach where vehicles can be driven without getting stuck in the sand. Being the only one-of-a-kind in Asia and one of the best ones in the world, the seclusion and tranquility of this beach set this apart from the rest of the shorelines in Kerala. Calm and serene, the Muzhappilangad Beach is mostly isolated and counts among the unchartered territories.

Payyambalam Beach
With a beautiful stretch of sands and surfs, Payyambalam Beach is a quiet and one of the best places to enjoy an evening filled with peace and relaxation. It is the largest and the most eye-catching beach in Kerala, which draws numerous tourists from all across India and abroad. Payyambalam Beach is a popular picnic spot for local people and holds much potential for development into a tourist resort since it is not yet fully explored and developed.

Thirumullavaram Beach
Take a leisurely drive from Kollam for about 6 km and you'll arrive at another spectacular marvel - Thirumullavaram Beach. The natural and unexplored expanse of this beach offers great scope to spend a quiet and peaceful day far away from the maddening crowd of the city life. Encircled by swaying palm trees and coconut groves, the beach presents you an infusion of freshness and composure amid lush greenery.

Valapattanam Beach
Valapattanam Beach, situated about 7 km from Kannur town, is one of the most natural and beautiful beaches of Kerala. A perfect vacation spot for nature lovers and those loving to spend quality time in the laps of nature, the beach is a shipping harbor and a giant in timber industry. Valapattanam, derived from "Valya Pattanam" which means "big town" in Malayalam, is exactly what, if it is to be believed, history narrates.

Varkala Beach
Ranked as one of the "Top 10 Seasonal Beaches in the World" by the Discovery Channel, Varkala Beach, aka Papanasam Beach, is a calm and quiet settlement, situated 51 km of the capital city of Thiruvananthapuram. The beach is considered to be a delight for swimmers and sunbathers. And the dazzling scenery of the sun rising from beyond and immersing into the sea is sure to please the senses of the gazers.

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