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Under this section of Munnar excursions, we have highlighted some important excursion points around Munnar.

Munnar Excursions

Munnar has the right to be called the most traveled adventure tour destination of Kerala because of its hilly terrains and scenic landscapes. The altitude varies from one place to another between 200 m to 2600 m, which gives it the ever-dynamic weather conditions, along with splendidly beautiful sceneries. Munnar offers a number of trekking spots for people who love indulging in the activity of trekking with several positive trekking conditions prevailing here. What's more, the place is densely populated with flora and fauna, and hence, provides an out-of-the-world experience whilst trekking through the perennial jungles and hills. Explore the various tourist spots close to Munnar that make enjoyable and spectacular excursion options.

Pothamedu is located about 6 km from Munnar and offers excellent views of tea, coffee, and cardamom plantations in Munnar. You can feel closer to nature at Pothamedu as you would be traveling amidst roaming clouds during trekking or enjoying long walks on its panoramic hills. Because of the altitude of this place, you can easily view nearby places and even places situated 40-50 km away from this place during lucid weather. Munnar was once a popular British summer resort. The place is highly known for its sightseeing points from where one can observe beautiful sunrises and serene sunsets.

About 7 km from Munnar, Devikulam is a tranquil hill station with velvet lawns, interesting flora and fauna, and cool mountain ambiance, giving you a truly remarkable experience. The Sita Devi Lake, with its mineral waters and picturesque surroundings, is a nice picnic spot. Apart from its scenic value, the lake is also an important mythological heritage and hence, is popular among Hindu worshippers who believe in its medicinal benefits and sacredness.

Attukal is situated about 9 km from Munnar, between Munnar and Pallivasal. Attukal provides exotically beautiful vistas of the land of waterfalls and rolling hills, with its beauty, roaring springs, and sparkling rivulets soaring up to new heights during monsoons. Attukal is also ideal for long treks since mountains are covered with ever expanding greens which definitely is a feast for senses. At dawn, the mountain air is clean, crisp, and soothing, allowing one to start early in the morning and explore the place during the day.

Nyayamakad, a land of spectacular waterfalls, is sited about 10 km from Munnar, between Munnar and Rajamala. This place attracts loads of people, all thanks to the huge volume of water gushing down the hill. The water cascades down the hill from a height of about 1600 meters. The captivating surroundings make an excellent picnic spot and trekking point for one and all. The weather is ever pleasant even during the summers when the rest of India is facing the scorching heat.

Chithirapuram, 10 km from Munnar, is known for sleepy little cottages, bungalows, old playgrounds, and courts. Exuding an old world charm, this soothing destination has an added charm of picturesque tea and spice plantations which are pleasing to view from heights. Do not miss out the sandalwood forests, echo point, and a number of fresh water springs located in close proximity of the town on your trip to Chithirapuram.

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