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Munnar is a famous hill station of Kerala. Read about prime tourist attractions in Munnar.

Munnar Attractions

A paradise for an ardent nature lover, Munnar is nestled amid lush green and peaceful surroundings, etched between panoramic hills. Being a hill station, Munnar obviously boasts of having a number of captivating places of scenic as well as cultural interest. Munnar earlier was a British colony, used by the British during summers for their summer cottages. At Munnar, one can still view the remains of British culture. One of the major attractions of Munnar that are bound to enthrall and charm you is the Kuthumkal Waterfalls, which is the most popular tourist spots in Munnar, making attempts to appeal the senses of the visitors with its beauty and charisma. Besides, Munnar also exudes the observatory hills, called so because of the panoramic vistas of the sky one can capture from its peak. Take a look at the different sightseeing options in Munnar, herein.

Kuthumkal Waterfalls
Kuthumkal Waterfalls is an imperatively attractive tourist attraction at Munnar. The murky waterfall provides charming views of the water, falling down from amusing heights which captivate the mental faculty of the viewer. The sheer beauty of this place allures thousands of visitors every year. It is one of the most beautiful waterfalls found in this part of Kerala due to the water mist that is always found close-by, reason being, the water falls continuously on the rocks with great force converting the water flow into sparkling mist. The waterfall makes a lovely picnic spot and is an ideal place to spend quality time with family and friends. These waterfalls have been a great attraction for a number of Bollywood movies, thanks to their picturesque locales and breathtaking natural beauty.

Observatory Hills
Observatory Hills, a beautiful mount located at Nedumkandam, is named so because it is an ideal location for observing heavenly bodies. It is a perfect location for people interested in studying heavenly bodies, since the sky, here, is free from pollution. The sky is so lucid and crystal clear that most stars and constellations can easily be spotted with naked eye. The hills are very well preserved without any signs of destruction or mining. The Observatory Hills attract thousands of tourists every year, as their idyllic beauty, along with their, superlative backdrops, untouched by any kind of urbanization or industrialization, make them a prime attraction in the eyes of travelers. The air is pollution-free while the serene milieu makes it all the more an attractive place to sit back and relax.

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