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Read about various excursion points around Kannur city in Kerala.

Kannur Excursions

Kannur, a land of myths and legends, is a place showcasing an enchanting mlange of magnetic scenic beauty, glorious past, and mesmerizing attractions. Lying in the northern Malabar region, it is regarded as one of the most delighting and serene destinations of Kerala. Kannur's hypnotizing beauty is reckoned to exceptionally stunning Lakshadweep Sea and encircling lofty Western Ghats. In the alluring beaches of Kannur, stand countless numbers of green coconut palms and bounties of charming rivers, acting as an icing on the cake. In the past, this little town was the capital of the Kolathiri Rajas for centuries. During the 15th century, Portuguese came here to set up one of their most initial settlements. Kannur, today, is extremely famous for its finest handloom and beedi industries. All these factors have made Kannur a hot holidaying spot amongst all. Apart from the ultimate attractions within Kannur, there are some extremely enthralling and beauteous sites around the city which are definitely a must-visit and make your sojourn immensely memorable. Some Kannur excursion places are given below.

Ezhimala Beach
Ezhimala Beach is situated about 55 km away, at the northern boundary of Kannur. Here, some rare medical herbs (Ramayana) are grown that hold mythological significance. Ezhimala is the quaint seven-peaked range and lies atop the bunch of hills at a height of 286 m. This mystic beach has sublime sculptured stone pillars diffused all over the beach.

Gundert Bungalow
Situated at a distance of 20 km from Kannur, Gundert's Bungalow is present on the boundaries of Thalaserry and holds great historical significance for all lovers and admirers of the Malayalam language. The bungalow was once an abode of Herman Gundert, scholar and lexicographer. Further, one of the first Malayalam dictionaries and the first Malayalam Newspaper were designed here. The great scholar also constructed a church on Nettur Hill in 1889.

Muzhappilangad Beach
Divinely exquisite Muzhappilangad Beach, situated 15 km from Kannur, is among the longest and stunning beaches in Kerala. Interestingly, the Muzhappilangad Beach is the only drive-in beach in the country. The area is, till date, unspoiled and displays a perfect panorama of flawless natural beauty. The beach is protected by several black rocks from the deep currents, which result in shallow water; thus, the beach is a heaven for swimming lovers.

Payyambalam Beach
The long and charming Payyambalam Beach lies just 2 km from Kannur. It is an ideal destination for picnics. Bizarre and incredibly comely, this beach is situated at a walking distance from Fort St. Angelo. The beach welcomes you with a tempting Naura Cafeteria and well maintained gardens. One can relax on the cool sand or give the adventurous surfing a try. Payyambalam Beach is peaceful, isolated, and gorgeous, ideal enough to spend a rejuvenating day.

Pythal Mala
This enrapturing hill station, Pythal Mala lies 65 km close to the Kerala-Karnataka border at an altitude of around 4500 ft. Pythal Mala is an excellent and rich dwelling of flora and fauna life. It is a dazzling, calm, and refreshing hill station in Kannur, making it a must-visit to unwind your mind and soul. You can also trek to reach the top which is of about 6 kilometers. Visitors must not miss to witness delighting base reception center and a watchtower perched at the cliff.

Thalassery Fort
Thalaserry Fort is situated 22 km from Kannur and was built in 1708 AD. It was the military cynosure of the British. British East India Company constructed this fort as a tribute to their colonial imperialism. The square-shaped fort is famous for its huge walls, secret tunnels to the sea, and impressively carved massive doors. It is an ultimate imposing structure to capture in your cameras. The fort once acted as the center of Thalaserry's development.

This amusing site is located about 16 km from Kannur town. It has an immensely fascinating snake park which houses around 150 varieties of snakes, such as the spectacled cobra, king cobra, russel viper, krait, and pit viper. There also exists a big collection of non-poisonous snakes, including pythons. Visitors are bound to get enthralled on visiting this snake land.

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