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Read about different tourist attractions in and around Kannur city in Kerala.

Prime Attractions Kannur

Kannur, formely known as Cannanore and popularly called "The Land of Looms and Lores", is one of the most enticing districts in Kerala. It is a pulchritudinous land nestled amid the wooded and fascinating Western Ghats, against the startlingly winsome Lakshadweep Sea. Kannur can truly be recited as an ultimate synonym of charming natural beauty. The city is bestowed in picturesque beaches, angelic hill stations, halcyon rivers, calm backwaters, historical monuments, and various stunning holy centers. Kannur is also credited as a chief contributor of cultural and religious heritage of Kerala. Additionally, Kannur beholds great multihued folk music and art of the state, thereby playing a huge production house of finest handlooms. Of course, the city is dotted with numerous tourist attractions which are a must-see when you are in Kannur. Check out the list of such destinations given below.

Aaralam Wildlife Sanctuary
Aaralam Wildlife Sanctuary is a peaceful small sanctuary, situated on the slopes of Western Ghats. The sanctuary's landscape is fenced with the highest peak of Katti Betta, wrapped in tropical and semi-evergreen forests. In this tranquil site, you can spot elephants, sloth bears, sambar, and mouse deer. Further, a considerable variety of amazing fauna and reptiles is also found here.

Dharmadam Island
Dharmadam Island is situated adjacent to Muzhappilangad Beach at a distance of about 100 m away from the shoreline, encircled by alluring waters. It was known as Dharmapattanam in ancient times. The site displays a harmonious combination of beaches and islands. This wondrous small island consists of zillion coconut palms and green bushes, which add to its already fabulous beauty.

Jagannatha Festival
The famous Jagannatha Temple of Kannur is situated at Madathiparambu, near Thalassery. The temple captivates you immensely with its astonishing architecture. It celebrates a colorful and enchanting Jagannatha festival every year which continues for up to eight days. It is organized in the Malayalam month of Kumbham (February/March).

Madayi Mosque
This impeccable mosque was originally constructed by Malic Iben Dinar, a Muslim preacher in 1124 AD. It is an astounding ancient shrine which amuses its visitors. History suggests that this Muslim preacher visited India to spread the word of the prophet. Besides, it was he who brought the magnificent white block of marble from Mecca that has been placed in the mosque and today, is a major attraction of the mosque for tourists.

Moppila Bay
Moppila Bay is a well-known natural fishing harbor, located close to St. Angelo's Fort. Today, this bay has been modernized and advanced under the assistance and development of the Indo-Norwegian Pact. Previously, the bay was more popular as a commercial harbor during the reign of Kolathiris. Moppila Bay is a distinct and great fascinating site to explore in Kannur.

St. Angelo's Fort
Fort St. Angelo's lies in the west of Kannur town, constructed in 1505 by the first Portuguese Viceroy, Don Francisco De Almeida. It is one of the oldest structures in the city and holds a long history. The British renovated the fort into their most prime station in Malabar. Visitors can also encounter few ancient guns at the fort. This site is a protected monument under the Archaeological Survey of India.

Arakkal Palace
The Arakkal Palace is situated at a pretty short distance of 2 km from Kannur city. This palace belonged to the Beebi (Queen) of Arakkal in ancient times and is believed that the owner of Arakkal Palace was Kerala's only Muslim royal family that controlled portions of the coastal regions, including Lakshadweep. The entire ambience is extremely alluring and touches deep in your heart.

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