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Read about various tourist attractions/places to see in Wayanad district of Kerala.

Wayanad Attractions

Wayanad is a splendid and glorious hill station, rich not only with the queen of scenic beauty and picturesque landscapes, but with its prosperous and enchanting cultural and traditional heritage. Wayanad follows a tradition and style of living which is a little different from various other cities of Kerala, simply because Wayanad was a major tribal settlement and hints of these can still be noticed in the contemporary households. Wayanad still shelters the largest population of aborigine tribes in Kerala, the relics and edicts which are still found here speak of an important pre-historic era. Wayanad harbors a number of major museums and historical places which continue to recount the saga of its cultural development over the years. Glance through the lines below to find out the different exciting and enthralling tourist attractions in Wayanad.

Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary
Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is adjacent to the protected area network of Nagarhole and Bandipore national parks of Karnataka, and Mudumalai of Tamil Nadu. The sanctuary is rich in bio-diversity, built with the prime objective of conserving the biological heritage of the region. The terrain is surging here, with the highest point being Karrottimala. Rich in different type of fauna, this beuaitufl region stays lush green throughout the year due to continuous heavy rainfall. The hill station is famous for wildlife tourism and adventurous jungle safaris.

Known as the "Gateway to Wayanad", Lakkidi is situated at the top of the Thamaraserri Ghat pass. High and naturally lush green peaks, gurgling mountain streams, abundance of flora, and a bird's eye view of the deep valleys are the main attractions of Lakkidi. On the outskirts of Lakiddi lies the Pookot Lake, a perennial reservoir of fresh water, surrounded by meadows and hills. The lake has become a popular picnic spot due to its inviting scenic beauty and sloppy hillsides, which, when combined, serve as a trekker's paradise.

Thusharagiri Waterfalls
Nestled cozily in the Western Ghats are the gurgling waterfalls of Thusharagiri. Thushargiri, meaning snow capped mountains, displays a distinctive kinship between the land and water. The waterfalls are a magnificent array of three waterfalls originating from the same river, the highest waterfall being the Thenpara with an altitude of 75 m. This place is a challenging trail for trekking and rock climbing, during which one has to pass through numerous river paths and waterfalls. A crocodile farm is also located nearby which is managed and maintained by the State Forest Department. Beauty and serenity are scattered all around.

Valliyoorkavu Festival
The Valliyoorkavu Festival is a popular event at the Bhagavathy Temple at Valliyoorkkavu, 3 km from Mananthavady town. The annual festival, held in March and April, is devoted to Goddess Durga, witnessing a large number of tribes gathering at temple to celebrate the festival with immense glory and magnificence. Kalamezhuthu, a traditional art form, is decorated inside the temple premises. On the final day of the festivities, a number of folk and tribal art forms are performed, which deems the event to be highly colorful and enjoyable.

Banasura Dam
Located about 15 km north-west of Kalpetta, Banasura Dam is the largest earth dam in India. A vast expanse of crystal clear water is enclosed by blue hills on all sides, except one. It is an amazing picnic spot with composing, serene, and peaceful environs. The forest surrounding the dam forms a haven for both rare and common flora and fauna. Sited at the middle of the dam's reservoir is a set of islands formed naturally after the construction of the dam, since the area around the dam submerged. With the surrounding hills forming the background, the dam looks mesmerizing and awe-inspiring.

The headquarters of Wayanad District are located at Kalpetta. The place was once a stronghold of the Jains in the past. As such, the famous Ananthanathaswamy Jain Temple is situated at Puliyarmala near Kalpetta. The place is popular among hikers and trekkers as the hillocks surrounding the city provide a really adventurous trail with numerous big and small waterfalls and mountain rivers.

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