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Read about different excursion points around Kollam town.

Kollam Excursions

Let's get the obvious (also the most fascinating) out of the way - the Shendurney Wildlife Sanctuary. Yes, although Kollam is highly known for the rich variety of flora and fauna it holds in the Shendurney Wildlife Sanctuary, but it also possesses a whole lot more than catering to the needs of wildlife lovers, peace lovers, nature lovers, and the religiously inclined alike. Places like Kulathupuzha, Oachira Temple, Thirumullavaram Beach, Kottukal rock-cut cave temple, the Palaruvi Waterfalls, and Ashramam picnic village are all here to brighten and liven up your holiday. A visit to these excursions is a must if you ever step foot in this wondrous little town called Kollam. Read more to know about the excursions in and around Kollam.

Kulathupuzha, a village surrounded by a lush green forest range located 64 km away from Kollam on the Thiruvananthapuram-Shenkottai Road, is most famous for Sastha Temple. Bala Sastha, also known as Lord Hariharaputra, is the deity that presides in this temple. The Vishu Mahotsavam that's held in the temple in the month of April/May is the most important of festivals.

Oachira Temple
Oachira Temple, located 32 km to the north of Kollam town, is a unique pilgrim center where no shrine or idol of any deity is to be found. It is interesting to note that the temple is dedicated to the famous principle of Para Brahman, meaning universal consciousness. Oachirakkali, an annual festival held in the month of June draws thousands of pilgrims to the temple.

Shendurney Wildlife Sanctuary
Shendurney Wildlife Sanctuary is situated 70 km from Kollam, on the Kollam-Shencotta Road. Sited on the banks of Shendurney River, the sanctuary is a green valley of splendid forests with more than 900 varieties of flowering plants flourishing here. Visitors are likely to come across animals like elephants, wild boar, tigers, leopards, bisons, langurs, sambars, lion-tailed macaques, and deer.

Thirumullavaram Beach
Thirumullavaram Beach, about 6 km north of Kollam, is a perfect picnic spot; secluded and serene. The calm waves and golden colored sand makes it an ideal location for quiet morning walks while adoring the celestial sunrise. With not much activities being offered at the beach, one can just sit back and let the calming atmosphere soothe the senses. Swimming is allowed at the beach if one wants to go for it.

Karunagappally is situated 27 km north of Kollam and is connected by rail and road. An idol of Buddha, recovered from a local tank here, is now preserved in the Krishnapuram Palace, situated north of Oachira. The town has a temple dedicated to Lord Siva, two old mosques, and a Mar Thomas Church.

Kottukal Rock Cut Cave Temple
Situated 11 km from Chadayamangalam on the Thiruvananthapuram-Kottayam MC Road, this temple is a classic example of rock cut temple architecture. This huge rock called Jatayupara, is believed to have taken its name from the mythical bird Jatayu, who tried to stop Ravana from taking Sita but collapsed on this rock after failing in his attempt.

Palaruvi Waterfalls
Palaruvi Waterfalls are among the most beautiful waterfalls and a loved tourist spot in the state of Kerala. Palaruvi, meaning 'stream of milk', lies in the Thenmala ranges of the Kollam district between dense forests and across the Kallada River. This 300-feet high waterfall is known to possess medicinal properties as the water comes fresh from the forest; hence, taking a dip in the water is highly advised by many Ayurvedic physicians. A truly refreshing experience!

Ashramam Picnic Village
Located in the guest house complex in the Kollam district is the Ashramam Picnic Village. Spread over an area of 48 acres, the guest house is around 200 years old and lies on the banks of the famous and beautiful Ashtamudi Lake. A boat club, children's traffic, and yatri nivas make up for the attractions at the village. The backwaters running alongside the village make it an ideal picnic location.

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