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Read about prime tourist attraction of Kasargod town.

Kasargod Attractions

Kasaragod is analogous to the old sod of Gods, mesmerizing beaches, oozing and splashing rivers, lush green hills, and magnificent forts. Situated in northernmost Kerala, Kasaragod is one of the destinations that are, till date, unadulterated by humans for urbanization. Still it manages to attract infinite eyes, in all seasons, from across the world. Kasaragod maintains this long listing of visitors because of its eternal serene ambience caressing in plush greenery, soothing waterways, and picturesque vistas of the engulfing Western Ghats and the enchanting Arabian Sea. Rivers, namely Talapadi and Trikaripur, flowing through this small town, add to its ambrosial aura. This charming district is also popular for its coir and handloom industries. Kasaragod holds an elongated past and resides people from different religions. When you are in Kasaragod, besides gazing the natural beauty, there are many interesting sites which bring you closer to the district's history, culture, and beauty. Some of them are listed below.

Ananthapura Lake Temple
Situated 15 km away from Kasaragod, Ananthapura is the one and only Lake Temple in Kerala. It is a quarantined site with the temple encircled with water from all sides, presenting a majestic view. It is accessible by a bridge which connects to the temple. Ananthapura Lake Temple is regarded as the original seat of Ananthapadmanabha, the idol of Sree Padmanabha Swami Temple, Thiruvananthapuram.

Bekal Fort
This is the biggest and well-maintained fort in Kerala. It is believed to have been constructed by Shivappa Nayak, a local Chieftain in the 16th century. The Bekal Fort is perched on top of a hill, offering spectacular panoramic vistas of the fringing countryside. Sited at a distance of 16 km from Kasargod, the fort is an imposing and circle-shaped building, constructed with huge blocks of laterite. Notably, the outer walls advance mystically from the sea up to an altitude of 39 m.

Sree Manantheswara Vinayaka Temple
Kasaragod is blessed with the beautiful and holy Sree Manantheswara Vinayaka Temple. This temple celebrates a grand and colorful five-day annual festival at Madhur in Kasaragod. This exciting festival brings a bizarre liveliness in the entire district with people drowned in eternal devotion. On the fourth day, the stature of the idol is taken out for a long procession. The feast is extremely dazzling and provides some of the rarest vistas. As such, it attracts a large number of people annually.

Manjakkudam Temple
This marvelous temple, too, is famous for its enliven Manjakkudam Festival. This feast is devoted to the goddess, Bhagavathy. The multihued feast at this temple continues till seven days during the Malayalam month of Kumbham/Meenam (March). Many tourists choose the festival's time to visit Kasaragod, so that they can witness this immensely alluring feast period, introducing them to Kerala's distinct culture, rituals, and traditions.

Thapotsavam is an annual one-day festival, celebrated on the fifth day post 'Vishu' in the Malayalam month of Medam (April) at the Ananthapura Lake Temple in Kumbala, Kasaragod. The statue of the main god is taken out in a ceremonial procession. The famous art 'Yakshaganam' is performed here on the night of the festival. The entire 24 hours are occupied with numerous exciting activities, making the day memorable, forever.

Bekal Hole Aqua Park
Bekal Hole Aqua Park lies north of Bekal Fort and is a quaint 'Aqua Park'. It is a unique and one-of-a-kind in north Malabar. At this amusing and startling park, one can wholeheartedly enjoy Pedal boats and water cycles. These cycles provide a considerable time to relax and rejuvenate on the cool and calm backwaters of the fort. The park offers something for everyone and is surrounded by astonishing views.

Chandragiri Fort
This fort is situated southeast of Kasaragod and was established by Sivappa Nayaka of Bedanore back in the 17th century. The ancient and stunning Kizhur State Temple lies here, from where the idol is carried to Thrikkanaya Temple at Bekal during the yearly festival. In the vicinity of Chandragiri Fort, there also lies a mosque. Visitors are sure to get fascinated on sighting the alluring architecture of the bygone era.

Kanwatheertha Beach
The dazzling Kanwatheertha Beach is situated at a short distance of about 3 km from Manjeshwaram. It is a wide and long beach, blessed with a large number of swimming pool-like structures formed naturally in the sea. These natural formations have become the major attraction of the beach. One can relax whilst sitting on the sands and gazing the mesmerizing charm of the sea against the colorful sky and lush greens.

Kappil Beach
This is one of the most famous beaches of the region. Its calm, remote, and isolated location brings the tourists of Kasaragod here. It is becoming a major tourist destination with every passing day as it offers an unmatched ambience of vast beaches and serene waters. The site presents an ultimate peace to one's mind and soul. The Kodi Cliff is situated close to the beach, offering panoramic views of the azure Arabian Sea.

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