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Ochira pilgrimage is a part of the visit to the famous Ochira temple in Kerala.

Ochira Pilgrimage

A striking feature of the Ochira Temple is that unlike the conventional temples which have definitive structural layout and mode of worship, this temple does not have a proper organization or even for that case, an idol for devotees to worship. The entire concept of worship in this temple revolves around the Parabrahmam or the universal consciousness. This unique temple at Ochira attracts thousands of devotees everyday, irrespective of religious faith and beliefs. One comes to this place in search of truth and for achieving satisfaction in search of the divine being. The Ochira Temple is known for its unique offering in the form of bulls. The annual festivals of Ochirakali celebrated in mid June and the twelve-day Panthrandu Vilakku in November/December mark the major attractions in Ochira.

Ochirakali is characterized by huge festive processions that begin from the temple, followed by mock fights between groups of men dressed as warriors on the padanilam, or the battlefield. A typical martial dance is performed by men standing in water at knee-depth exhibiting swords and shields. This ritual is practiced by all men irrespective of age or physical stature to prove their masculinity, though it is a dance derived from a popular form of traditional martial arts demanding lots of practice and precision. Two giant models of bulls are also carried throughout the town, since they are regarded as a symbol of power. During this festival, Ochira witnesses huge amounts of tourist traffic, with people from all over the world flocking to this place to become a part of this centuries-old event. The scenic beauty of this destination is mesmerizing, apart from the religious reasons that drive people to this place. Besides, it is an idyllic locale for meditation amid the tranquil landscapes, offering lots more than just serenity and peace.

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