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The cave temple at Kollam in Kerala is one of the wonders of ancient architecture in Kerala.

Cave Temple Kollam

One of the most exotic pieces of architectural marvel amongst the number of temples present in the state of Kerala is Cave Temple of Kollam. The architecture of this impressive temple is amazingly intricate and arouses great curiosity. The cave temple is carved out from a gigantic piece of rock, lying in the middle of a paddy field, which gives the impression of a sleeping elephant just about to wake up, from distance. This exotic temple can be dated back to around 8th century AD. This rock cut temple represents the cultural and architectural skills of ancient heritage and the traditional artistic excellence prevalent during that period. The temple premise has a perennial well that never fails to supply water. The fact, that the temple was once the only means of irrigation for the paddy fields around it, makes this destination even more prestigious and religious.

Legend has it that the king of Kollam dug this well with his own hands to save his empire from the draught which took place because of the anger of the sun. The temple, also known as Kottukal Kal Thrikovil Cave Temple, has two square rooms with the main deity, Lord Ganapathy placed firmly in between. The other deities present at the cave temple are Lord Siva in the form of Siva Lingam, Hanuman, and Nandikeswara. A Mandapam in front of one of the rooms is a classic demonstration of the skills and intelligence of sculptors and architects who carved this temple from a single piece of rock. The temple was declared a protected monument by the Archaeological Department of Kerala in 1966 and henceforth, it is protected and maintained by the Archaeology department itself. Perfect craftsmanship and dignified architecture make the temple an impressive and magnificent attraction for tourists planning a trip to this part of Kerala.

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