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The Parassinikadavu Sri Muthappan temple is one of the most famous religious places in Kerala.

Parassinikadavu Sri Muthappan Temple

Most noted for the renowned Muthappan Temple, Parassinikadavu is situated in idyllic environs, 20 km away from Kannur, in North Kerala. Natural beauty, coupled with exotic rituals, make this place a significant pilgrim spot for worshippers and pilgrims. Located on the banks of the banks of Valapattam River, Parassinikadavu Muthappan Temple is dedicated to Sree Muthappan, the most popular and eminent local deity. Irrespective of religion and caste, thousands of devotees throng the place throughout the year. This temple truly signifies the essence of "Vasudaiva Kutumbakam" which means "the whole world is one family".

The origin of the Muthappan temple is associated with the appearance of a child who roamed in the region, triggering a string of interesting incidents, resulting in the disappearance of the boy without a trace. Theses incidents made the people feel the divine presence of Muthappan (Lord Siva), who immediately set up a place of worship, which is today popularly known as the Parassinikadavu Muthappan Temple. As per another local legend, the temple god is a personification of two gods, namely, Lord Siva and Lord Vishnu, though at the temple, only one idol is worshipped which represents a unison between the two deities.

The Parassinikadavu Muthappan Temple is also a popular destination for travelers and pilgrims to savor the charm of Theyyam, a ritualistic dance that is performed here on a daily basis. Men adorning masks and colorful costumes perform this temple art form, representing conflicts between good and evil, with good ultimately emerging victorious over evil. The dancers are elaborately dressed with large masks, forming a part of the whole dress-up. The routine worship in the temple is unique as it does not follow the Sattvic (Brahminical) form of worship which strictly avoids non-vegetarian food during worship, as is the case in other Hindu temples. It's an entirely different experience during the daily prayers at this temple, wherein fish is used as an offering to Muthappan in the Prasadam and people of all castes, religions and nationalities are permitted to enter the temple and take part in the worship. The natural beauty that surrounds the temple is breathtaking and has a calming effect which helps one to concentrate on worshipping and self examining.

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