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The teak museum at Nilambur traces and showcases the evolution and growth of teak plantation in India.

Teak Museum Nilambur

Teak Museum Nilambur, KeralaThe Teak Museum at Nilambur is a great place for nature enthusiasts and people dying to seek information on the wonder tree, teak. The world renowned Teak Museum is situated just 4 km from the town of Nilambur, in the Malappuram district. The museum is set up in the campus of the Kerala Forest Research Institute (KFRI) and has been honored with the world's first teak museum. Besides, it is the only one of its kind museum in India. To add more to your excitement and thrill of exploring this museum, the world's first teak plantation was raised in Nilambur in the 1840s to provide a steady supply of teak timber to the British. The teak museum attracts large number of visitors throughout the year.

One of the finest specimens of teakwood is the extensive root system of a 55-year-old teak tree exhibited at the entrance which welcomes the visitors to the museum. The translite of Kannimara Teak, the oldest naturally growing teak tree located at the Parambikulam wildlife sanctuary is located at the ground floor. Plus, it also houses a life-size replica of the trunk of the largest known teak tree growing in the Malayattoor forest division. The traditional granary and a miniature model of sailing vessel called Uru made from teak wood constitute other attractions at the museum.

Teak poles in varying sizes and qualities, obtained during the process of thinning of teak plantations, can also be sighted at the museum. These are accompanied with the necessary details of standard classification of teak poles. Exhibits like foliage, flowers, fruits, and bark of the tree give us a deeper insight into other characteristics of the teak. As you move towards the first floor, you will find a detailed description on the flower, fruit, and natural regeneration of teak. Besides, various methods of seed-grading, pre-sowing treatment, vegetative propagation of teak, preparation of teak stumps, and different stages in the complete cycle of teak from seed to mature tree are also exhibited. Along with the specimen of teak and other trees, you will be spellbound with a number of other shrub and bamboo species. The museum surroundings comprise of a number of species of flora and fauna. The compound has a record of 58 species of aero fauna, including both resident and migratory. The museum is also home to a library on teak and an auditorium where audio visual presentations on teakwood are shown.

The paintings on the walls of the museum will remind you of the ancient history of teak plantations. Amongst the numerous attractions of the Teak Museum, there are miniature models of ancient vessels and paintings of sailing ships made up of teak wood to delight you. The nearest railway station to reach the Teak Museum is Nilambur, about 3 km from the museum. The museum is also reachable through air with the closest airport being Kozhikode International Airport at Karipur, about 36 km from Malappuram.

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