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The Poonjar palace at Kottayam in Kerala is yet another proof of the cultural heritage of Kerala.

Poonjar Palace

Poonjar Palace truly stands as a glorious proof to the regal magnificence of a bygone era. The palace stands tall with all its majesty and magnificence, narrating the stories of the past. Poonjar is a royal place that was once inhabited by the royalties of Kerala. The palace is an explicit example of traditional Kerala architecture with its sloping roofs and carved walls, adorned with paintings and artifacts. Inside the palace walls is an amazing royal collection of antiques and exquisite furniture, comprising of a palanquin, huge chandeliers, a thoni carved out of a single piece of wood for Ayurvedic massages, jewel boxes, palm leaf engravings which were considered sacred and were used during major pujas, varieties of lamps, sculptures of Nataraja, dancing Siva, grain measures used by the cooks, statues, and weapons. A distinctive conch is preserved at the Poonjar Palace which is removed once in a year for ritualistic purposes, as it is blown to announce the start and end of the ritual.

Visitors touring the palace are awestruck with the fabulous collection of authentic antiques, sculptures, lamps, weapons, jewel box, and furniture dating back to the ancient times. Close to the palace is situated a remarkable replica of the Madurai Meenakshi Temple. The walls of this temple are studded with sculptures that recount stories from the Puranas. The row of lamps, known as Chuttuvilakku carved on the stone walls of the Sastha Temple nearby is the most enthralling sight. It is an amazing spectacle as such rock-cut lamps are rare in India. Poonjar is a palace where the past relives itself, the elegance and the charm of the past recreates the magic of the history, which still lingers in the passages of this palace. The Poonjar palace is located on the Pala-Erattupetta route in the Kottayam district of Central Kerala. It can be reached via the Kottayan railway station, about 30 km from Pala or Cochin International Airport, at 76 km from Kottayam.

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